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Trusted ER

Emergency Room located in Coppell, TX & Dallas, TX

Injuries and illness can give rise to uncomfortable and even painful symptoms. The team at Trusted ER, with facilities in Coppell, Dallas, Sherman, Irving, and Hurst, Texas, want nothing more than for you to feel comfortable while receiving your medical care and has an on-site pharmacy to provide you with the medication you need for your injury or illness during your treatment. For expert care of your urgent medical matters from a team who puts your needs first, call the office or visit the location nearest you.

Pharmacy Q & A

Why is a pharmacy necessary?

When you’re injured or have a serious illness, it’s more than likely that you’re going to need medication to ease pain, bring your fever down, or simply help you feel more like yourself again. Trusted ER has a 24-hour on-site pharmacy that provides you with the medication you need while you receive your emergency medical care so that you feel as relaxed as possible.  

Access to medication may be especially important if you need to spend time in Trusted ER’s observation suite, which is a special extended-care room that allows you to relax while you get the necessary treatment you need to feel better. In addition to needed medical care, the observation suite is equipped with amenities you need to feel comfortable, including a fully stocked refrigerator and snack bar.

How do I know what medications I need?

Your specialist at Trusted ER determines the type of medication you need based on your reason for the visit. When coming in for care, your specialist conducts a comprehensive evaluation, which may include:

  • Review of your medical history
  • Types of medications you currently use
  • Physical exam
  • Discussion of your reason for the visit

Your specialist may also conduct a blood test or urinalysis to assess health and determine the most effective treatment plan.

All of the information gathered during your examination determines your specific treatment plan to help your body heal from your illness or injury, which includes appropriate prescription medications.

The specialists at Trusted ER also specialize in pain management and ensure your pain is kept to a minimum when you come in for care.

How do I get medications after I am discharged?

If you need additional medication after discharge, your specialist can have the prescription sent over or called into your pharmacy of choice. The medication provided at Trusted ER is only for while you’re receiving care at the facility.

Your comfort is important to the team at Trusted ER. Providing you with the medication you need right away can ease your pain, lower your fever, or improve your breathing.

For expert care of any urgent medical need from a 24-hour, freestanding, full-service emergency room, call Trusted ER today or walk-in to the facility closest to you.

We are currently open and here to serve you!

Our facilities have low traffic with all the proper protocols.


As a freestanding 24 Hour emergency room, Trusted ER has state of the art equipment and fully trained emergency medical staff ready to assist you and your loved ones 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our compassionate staff strives to begin treating each patient within just a few minutes of arrival.